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Danielle & Neemah

Danielle and Neemah’s shoot was definitely unique. She was bubbling over with joy because in their relationship they’ve had to live far apart. But on this day, they couldn’t have been more together. There was certainly a connection in the room that made me smile, especially when I got to shoot my first ever pillow-fight 🙂 We went to the park and walked along the water, even got to visit the ducks, although we had to share with other park-goers. This was the first time I’ve met Neemah, and I have to say he had some big shoes to fill in my mind, because you have to understand, this girl is just about as sweet as they come. She’s a music teacher whose not afraid to rotate her tires, if you can get your head around that. I mean, c’mon, you don’t find that combination just any ‘ol day. At first take, he was very casual and easy-going, and in some way reminds me of the Mac guy on the TV commercials. Modern, yet comfortable, updated. Long story short, he stacked up just fine, and I think they’re going to make a great pair. I’m really looking forward to the wedding. 🙂

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