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Dave & Andrea

We just had a wedding up near Madison at The Lakes Resort with Dave and Andrea, a fun couple. Everyone was very casual, and we got to buzz around with the bride and groom in golf carts, which I will always enjoy. It’s like this mixture of Bumper Cars, off-roading, and Nascar all rolled together at the break-neck speed of 10mph 🙂 I’m not a golfer, so to me, they are just adult-sized toys that beep when you drive in reverse. There was a grove of old, beautiful trees right by the lodge, and well, I’m just a sucker for trees. Don’t know why, but it’s almost like they speak to me. When my boy was three he saw the trees outside our house blowing back and forth in the wind, and said, “Look Daddy, the trees are waving at us! Hello Trees!” So see, it’s not just me. Three year olds understand it too. 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to share a few fun shots from the day. Thank you Dave and Andrea, we had a great time chasing you around the holes.

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