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Do I Still Take Pictures???

Some of you may be wondering…. the answer is YES! Absolutely. I’ve just not decompressed from Haiti yet. I still haven’t found the words for Haiti yet. But we’ve shot maternity, weddings, babies, engagements and even a couple of commercials since I got back a couple of weeks ago. I’ve just been very narrowly focused, trying to determine how I’m going to get my heart back from a little Haitian girl that I met on top of the mountain there.

Here’s a few shots from Haley and Jonathon’s engagements last week.

I can’t tell you about Haley without telling you that Jesus wept. Wha?! Yes. Jesus Wept. That’s my earliest memory of her. When our church was very small, just meeting in an elementary school gym, Haley was in confirmation classes. She was just a high school kid, on assignment to stand up in church and tell us her favorite verse in the bible.

John 11:35 Jesus wept.

That was it. The shortest verse, yes, maybe the easiest to remember, but to hear her explain it that day, why it mattered to her, why it was powerful to this little girl, was something I’ll never in my life forget.

He wept for us. The Maker of the Heavens and the Earth. This King of Kings, son of God, and He cried? He came to the tomb of his friend, hearing the mourning all around, and he joined with the people in their sorrow. He cares. He understands our emotions and our feelings. That’s powerful to know. It was powerful enough to bring tears to my own eyes the day Haley stood up to proclaim that verse to her church. It will always be powerful, to anyone hurting, to anyone in sorrow or mourning, to know that Jesus still weeps with us.

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