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Donna & Eric

We had the opportunity to shoot another sibling wedding recently. We first met the Vanderhoff family back when we shot Elizabeth’s wedding, so seeing all the familiar faces was a blessing. Donna and Eric are very much in love, and it’s so honestly simple to see it in the pictures. They way they hold one another, the little quirks and faces they have for eachother, the smiles that are so completely genuine and fun-loving. To give you an idea of how thoughtful this family is, in the first moments Donna’s mom walked into the church, she walked straight up to me with ‘an early gift’ from her to me. It was a canister filled to the brim with homemade mints of every variety and sort. 🙂

The rest of the day was like being with old friends, and it always feels so much more inclusive, as if we really are one of the guests who just happen to have cameras hanging every which way off of our necks.

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