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Donny built the photography studio I designed years ago, and we've known him and his wife Joy for years. When I worked with his wife as a cook I created a sandwich and named it "The Joy" after her. It was sweet yet spicy and it had a packed a sassy punch, so it seemed to fit perfectly. I think Donny got a kick out of that. :) You can still order that sandwich today at the Brandon Steakhouse. One thing I have always loved about Donny is that he seemed to really enjoy sneaking up on me. Each time, he seemed to be smiling, happy that he had successfully surprised me yet again. Donny has been through some hard times in the past few years. He's lost a leg, had trouble with his hearing, and has undergone implants. He has soldiered on through multiple surgeries and has even endured a stroke. For this guy, who loved fishing and the outdoors, you would think you might find him depressed and hard-hearted, but not Donny. He chooses instead to see the beauty in life. His glass is half full, and he always has a warm smile with a kind-hearted sense of humor. On this day, he decided he was going skiing of all things. He said, "Take a good look because this might be the last time you see me in one piece!" Friends and family joined in to watch him go down the slopes, and hats off the physical therapists and ski instructors that helped to make that dream a reality.

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