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Down Under

This is Steph and Justin. We got to meet Steph last year at her sister’s wedding, just before Justin popped the big question. Now, a year later, in the fall, these two will follow suit by telling God and the world just how serious a bite from the Love Bug can really be. It’s downright infectious. 🙂

Now, here’s the Kicker, Justin is an Aussie. That’s right, accent and all. His hometown is over 9000 miles away from Steph’s hometown. Let alone the Big Blue, the culture, the fact that we think they walk upside down over, or should I say, Under there. What I know of Australia I’ve learned from the movies. You know, Crocodile Dundee, Quigley Down Under, my personal favorite, Finding Nemo…. 🙂

9000 miles!

It begs the question, what can make a man leave everything he knows, cross oceans and hemispheres, and throw all caution to the wind? The answer is simple when you get to look through the glass, it’s this woman.

Not just her smile, not just her laugh. Not just the way her eyes brighten when she looks at him… No, from my simple point of view, it’s the spark that is between them that can light any room. She is the diamond in the rough, and he is the missing peice of her puzzle, and they are both smart enough to see a good thing and then to do whatever it takes to hold onto it, even when it means dropping everything and moving half a world away. You can tell it just by the way he stands a little taller next to her. The way she leans just a little closer in to him, a little softer when he’s near. They just fit, and no amount of miles, not even nine-thousand of them, can separate that love.

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