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Edward & Emma

We first met these two quite randomly. We were on a senior session downtown for probably the most beautiful and stunning Asian-American girl we've ever met. The trolley was coming up the street and I wanted it in the background with the flowers, so we had our gal hop into a chair on the sidewalk. Next to her a few feet away was a couple sitting on a bench, just enjoying their afternoon. Our senior ran off for a wardrobe change and we had some time to kill, so we began to chat while we waited. We found out we had a few things in common, and we had a wonderful conversation. Anyway, they were sitting there cute as could be, this young couple in love, and there I was, a photographer with his light, his camera, and time on his I asked if I could take their picture. Why not, right?

Our senior came back all changed and refreshed, ready for another round of pics, so we quickly said goodbye, and off we went down the street in search of more epic scenes...

5 months later, Emma emailed me and asked if I would take their engagement photos. "Sure!", I said, "and can I ask how you heard about us since we don't really advertise?" That's when she told me about this random encounter we had the summer before, and the rest is history.

For one of their shots, Emma really had her heart set on a coffee shop where they could just have a picture of the two of them having some coffee together. The first coffee shop was jam-packed at 4 in the afternoon, and so was the second, so we ended up getting coffee at one place and finding a table at a pizza place for the picture. The owner came out and wasn't very keen on the idea of us taking up a table during their evening rush. I promised her I would be fast, and she was happy with that, so I ordered a pizza just to make it right. The pizza on the way home was absolutely wonderful! Good job Papa Woody's!

Edward and Emma moved here from the East Coast... for freedom. To be 'more free', they called it, and they said they were pretty sure their freedoms wouldn't be so easily taken away here. You would be surprised how many new families we've photographed over the past year who came here for that very reason.

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Karen Billings
Karen Billings
Jan 20, 2022

Great job on the video Dan

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