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Elizabeth and Matt

This is Elizabeth and Matt, one of our married-couple-to-be’s coming up in May. The great thing about these two is how much fun they have together. Their smiles are genuine and there is a great affection between them that pours out into the pictures. Their puppy, Jake, came along to be in pictures also, and you can easily see that he fits in perfectly. I wasn’t allowed to really give him the proper hello (lots of belly and ear scratching involved, a few ‘hewwwo pupper’s’) because he has tinkle issues I’m told. Nope, we don’t need any of those issues around here nowadays. That aside, he’s the first dog I’ve had in my studio that was completely comfortable with the camera. 🙂 Jake, if you’re out there and you’re reading this, first, that’s Amazing! and Good dog!

I’ll never forget the first time I talked with Elizabeth on the phone. She called to ask about us and our work, and we ended up talking on the phone for at least 30-45 minutes. It was like talking to a good friend. That was so odd to me, because we were complete strangers. I knew her and Matt’s life story and vice versa by the time we said our goodbye’s, and I was really hoping to meet them someday. It wasn’t until after we’d hung up that I realized that not only had it completely skipped my mind to take down a stitch of information, I hadn’t even asked her name. I knew she had a beau named Matt with whom she was very much in love with, but that was it. What was I thinking?!

I told Kari about it that night in the kitchen as supper was cooking, how we’d gone on and on and had this great conversation about life, but that I didn’t even know her name, to which she rolled her eyes and called me a goofball. I get that alot. (She’s used to me by now)

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