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Extra Magic

Sorry for not posting sooner. We just got back from a trip to Disneyworld with the family. I brought my laptop with every intention of blogging (and hopefully working before anyone got up at 4 in the morning) but we packed so much into this trip that there just wasn’t the time. Getting enough sleep to get ready for the next big day was priority. 🙂 It was Abby’s first time on an airplane and her first trip to ‘Dinneyworode’. She was a little nervous when we left the ground, and again when we touched back down, but otherwise she loved the butterflies in her tummy 🙂

Logan looked out at Orlando as we were flying in at night and said, “Look, it’s Hopscotch!”

Abby talked all day long about finding Cinderella, and when we finally did, she was too bashful to sit on her lap. 🙂

Logan and I rode the racecars and finally, after 3 years, got to go on the Big Boy Rides. From Dinosaur to Space Mountain, Big Thunder and the Safari Rapids to the brand new Expedition Everest roller coaster, we jetted from one hotspot to another, quickly learning the art, and it is an art, of the Fast Pass! He loved every second, and apparently does NOT have my stomach, as I was sick after one ride on the Tea Cup! 🙂

There was amazing food at the Polynesian Resort, where they actually entertain your kids while you eat! That little feature made that place Kari’s new Number One, All-time Favorite restaurant. We hit Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and even spent a day on the Gulf playing at the beach. Logan used his body to try and stop the waves from rolling in and demolishing his sandcastle. Kari got her one wish, a sunset picture with the two of us, courtesy of my step-dad and a few minor pointers, and I’m happy just to get to enjoy it with them.

Everyone got to take home a little bit of the magic.

We came back beat and glad to be home. 🙂 Now, I have to get cranking on some pictures. Time to buckle up for Wedding Season, which is a great thrill ride all by itself! “Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Please, no flash photography, and oh yes, Have a MAGICAL day!”

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