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Fair Winning Sugar Cookies

My mom and my little girl hooked up last night to become an unstoppable duo in the kitchen. Using her great-great-great grandmother’s “Fair Winning” sugar cookies (atleast that is what is scratched on the recipe), my little girl showed a new side of herself… See, a true chef has to get down and dirty, literally, in the food. The flour on the nose and cheeks is a must. You must get down on the level with the food, eyeball to eyeball. It’s also all about taste, taste, taste, you see, so there must be time allotted to lick the frosting. 🙂 Also note the precision and careful consistency in the stirring of the frosting. It takes great care, not too hot, not too cool, with just the right centrifugal force to mix in the coloring at just the right degree of perfection.

The results: Finely crafted, hand made, handed-down-through-the-generations works of art 🙂

Disclaimer: Some sugar cookies were harmed in the making of this evening. 1 crazy oven and 1 distracted grandma trying to teach the 6-year-old the finer art equals a few slightly charred gingerbread men, shining stars and Christmas trees… the rest are in my tummy.

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