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I realized as I was looking through a few of the more recent blogs that I’m not posting very many family blogs. So, for those of you who were wondering if all we ever do is weddings and engagements, the next few blogs will be full of crumb-snatchers (not my own). 😉

Here’s a few of Tanner & Tristan. Tristan is a little firecracker, very outward with his personality, full of daring and yet totally void of fear. I think he would walk a high-wire on a skyscraper given the chance.

Tanner on the other hand, is more soft-spoken. He has a sensitive side, and it’s plain to see in his eyes that he’s always thinking, always studying. He’s on my boy’s baseball team too, and though he’s quiet, he has such a strong confidence that he can whack that ball like it’s standing still.

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