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It’s not everyday that a casual guy like me gets to photograph a stunningly beautiful Mrs. South Dakota adorned in over $50,000 worth of sparkling diamonds. Top that with a custom-designed dress created to give the idea of a South Dakota pheasant in flight, and art imitated not just life, but nature. From the eye-popping blues of a pageant gown to the earth-toned, prairie abstract of high fashion to the timeless swimwear in a fresh fire-engine red, we had a blast. Now that we’ve talked fashion, let’s really talk fashion…

Mrs. South Dakota is working towards volunteering her time for the Alpha Center, and doing all she can to raise awareness about the facts of abortion. This representative of our state, this mom, chooses to stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves because she believes a mother and the child she carries should have an equal and inalienable right to life. If you’re reading this today, realize that someone gave you that right. It wasn’t something you could fight for or earn. It wasn’t yours to argue and it wasn’t a choice you were given. Someone who loves you chose for you, and granted you passage into a world rich for living. You’ve cried, you’ve laughed, you’ve loved, you’ve been broken. In short, you’ve lived richly.

You tell me folks. I’m a down-to-earth, regular joe, so maybe I don’t understand the world of fashion… Do we wait until it’s fashionable and attractive for us to worry about a child’s rights, or do we choose now to stand up for those who can’t make choices for themselves? Do we grant them the same opportunities we’ve had all of our lives? The reality is that America has lost an entire generation to abortion. Over 46 million kids didn’t get the memo that their right to life just wasn’t fashionable since Roe. Anyone can argue about why that number shouldn’t matter, but if it ever doesn’t matter to us then we’ve forgotten what it means to be human. Hiroshima and a nuclear bomb killed less than 200,000 and a world war was ended. Nazi Germany killed 6 million and a world responded in outrage. Terrorists killed less than 3,000 on September 11th and we responded with a war on Terror. All out war.

Today you, the taxpayer are bailing out Frannie and Freddie by the hundreds of millions over in the housing industry. You’re scooping AIG and the investment world out of the ashes with more millions, and oh yes, your taxes are paying Planned Parenthood the same amount, every year, hundreds of millions, to do away with an entire generation of America’s kids.

Make sense?

Modern America in a post Hiroshima, Post Cold-War, Post Equal-Rights, Post 9/11 era has killed 8 times as many as all of the above combined. Over 46 million kids and we’re still looking the other way? What is the magic number that makes this tragedy a fashionable cause America?

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