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Father Son Day

Me and my boy started our first ever Father/Son Day. Actual time, scheduled, for just the two of us, every week. Mostly because he’s 6 and already we don’t quite know how to just hang out. The other day we were driving to the store together and it was quiet. He started rambling, because that’s how he deals with it, and I didn’t say more than 10 words, because that’s how I deal with it. Then he came right out and said, “How come we don’t talk?” Yes, it sometimes takes a child to make it really hit home… I don’t want that to carry on any longer. Neither does he. So today we went and did some hiking around the Big Sioux, which is way over it’s banks, and stood over the Squeaky Bridge in Brandon as the water rushed just underneath. Then we finished off with some video games, where I realized my boy is as greedy as all get out…for tickets. He doesn’t care about the games or how cool they are. Just the tickets. He has over 700 saved up on his Ticket Card, and his goal is to amass enough tickets to pick out the coolest toy behind the counter. 🙂 Smart kid, but I’m doing the math in my head… “We played 20 games and got maybe 75 tickets? The coolest toy is 14,750 tickets, At this rate we’ll only have to come here 186 more times, every week until he is about 10 years old, spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $375 for something I could buy, today, at Wally World for $178.86…. Compound interest, inflation…”

“DAD! Look! 15 Tickets!!” “15!!” “Can you BELIEVE IT!?!


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