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Finishing up with Senior Sessions

I had someone ask me a little while ago if all we did was weddings, based on our site. I said ‘no, we handle seniors, kids, families, maternity, even some commercial work now and then.’ When they asked why all we showed was the weddings I was a little confused, until I realized they’d never been to our website (where all the pictures are), only to our blog.

Yeah, I know, I don’t seem to post much about ‘business’ on my ‘business’ blog (i’ve never been a marketing genius, and I’m not exactly business savvy. I just take the pictures, and then write when I get the itch…didn’t you know??). Well we’ve only got about 2 weeks left for the rest of our senior sessions, so I thought it might be helpful if I actually posted some shots?

This is Kristi, and she hasn’t even seen her pictures yet (cause I’m still editing them as I type), but I think they are just too beautiful to keep quiet about. Kristi is in drama, and she’s a very intellectual young lady. It’s probably a safe bet she’s alot smarter than me. But hey, I think I still managed to capture that thirst for life, her spirit, which is what makes this girl so wonderful to be around…

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