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Fireworks Before the Fourth

Our time with these two was a cup filled to overflowing. Mom and Dad were hard at work making sure there were some hay bales in the loft for us to work with. Kari trusted me and whinnied so the horses came up to say hello. They gave us some great composition. Then we had this perfect light. To top it all off Anisa flashed Aaron her puppy dog eyes - and well, who could resist taking off their socks and shoes and getting in the water for some fun shots :). After that, the sun popped through a bank of clouds for a perfect sunset shot, just as we came to a little private spot that seemed made for the two of them. At that moment with all of that golden light pouring around them, a train just happened to pass by on the tracks, and we had the most amazing light show as the boxcars dashed by. It really was something to cherish and remember, watching the two of them glowing and gilded in between the flashes of light. It was like a fireworks show before the Fourth. :)

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