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Floors & More at the New Studio

We’ve been very busy the last few days at the new studio, and between the scraping and the scrubbing and the mopping and the painting I made sure to snap a few pictures. I wanted to share them here, in part to show you the heart that is going into this project, and also to remind me of the character and spirit of some of the people that are involved in making this dream come true.

Christina, our Boss in the Painting & Interior Design Department, has been very hard at work. She and Kari have picked out some amazing tones and finishes, and they are bringing this mass of magazine cutouts and samples to life in their painting. Both of them could hardly walk after this weekend.

Kara has been giving extra time to the cause, scraping away at the drywall, texture and paint that got through to the floor, and even her soon-to-be husband Aaron helped out with the painting. I still can’t figure out how Aaron can roll an entire wall and not spill any drops of paint. I also learned that it can be very interesting watching an engaged couple as they work together to accomplish a simple task, such as putting down plastic on the floors. “This way Kara….No Aaron, you’re doing it all wrong….Hold it tight….I am holding it tight, quit mov-ING ” 🙂 Just kidding, of course.

I am admittedly NOT a painter, and when I got done with my wall, there was paint on me, on my shoes, on the plastic, on the floor, in my hair, and a little bit on the actual walls.

Our puppy also helped by holding the floor down. She did a very good job and I was very proud of her.

Logan helped me prep the floors so we could write on them. He got up early in the morning and even missed church because he knew how important it was that we finish with the floors.

Abby even chipped in with a mop and a broom from time to time, between breaks to go slide on the dirt hill outside. she fell down a few times…and got soaked in the water…and then she sprained her ankle…and had to go potty very badly…but she still gave it her best, and besides her smile makes me smile, so she’s well worth having in the crew. 🙂

There’s more pictures than I’ll ever be able to post here, but I’ll break them up into a few different blogs. Thanks to everyone who has helped, including my mother-in-law, Renee, for helping to watch the kids and for providing some awesome food for some hungry workers. It’s been a tremendous blessing to see all the hands and feet working together to make this happen.

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