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For Jill

These pictures I took on Saturday night. Jill’s kids told her it was dorky to want to give me a call and tell me about the thousands of geese she’d seen that are resting near the river. But she did anyway, and this is my way of saying thanks. Aren’t they amazing? They always stay together, they fly in formation to reduce the drag, in fact they can fly over 70% further and faster because of that beautiful V-shaped flight pattern. They always take turns being the leader, and if one falls out of formation and down to the Earth, it’s been said that two others will break rank and follow their comrade down. They live in total communion with one another, and they have discovered the benefits of working together. And they do it all without missing a beat, because it just comes natural. God designed them to work as a team, and He built them from the ground up to make sure they’d rely on eachother…

So what do you think Jill? It doesn’t seem very dorky to me either 🙂

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