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Gaea & Mike

Our time with Gaea began in the home she grew up in. She has been the most courteous bride I’ve ever met, in fact the only one who’s ever answered me with Yes Sir and No Sir, showing a respect that I haven’t seen in recent years. My dad taught us from the time we were young boys to show that kind of respect. My dad was a marine, and we were boys. This is a strikingly beautiful young lady, a New Yorker, a contemporary and sophisticated woman, and yet when we walked in the door she warmly greeted us, and then sat down for some good conversation with all of her friends and family. It may not say much to some of you, but it speaks volumes to me about her priorities.

I watched her sitting, so peacefully on the stairs. She looked as if she’d prepared for this moment her entire life, and in her poise and stature there was a calm, but in her eyes you could see her soul leaping. Then we were off to Calloways to meet Mike.

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