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I had an interesting time with Gillian in the new studio. She was the first person to ever ask me if my camera had a name, which caught me a little off guard. She was also the first to mention that when I have someone look out the window for a shot that I should have friends dancing outside, or signs with funny jokes that she would design for me, just to make people really laugh. 🙂 She was great to work with, and it was refreshing to work with someone her age that was real and down to earth. When there is no mask, just the beautiful workmanship of God, those are my favorite shoots. Tapping in to that originality, that personality that is so completely authentic, is to me part of the challenge. It makes a simple photo shoot come alive with possibility. That’s what turns taking a picture into an art form, when you can capture what’s on the inside and actually see it in the image, when it’s a true reflection of what makes you, simply, you.

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