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God’s Beauty

We were driving into town on an errand after a session the other day, so I still had my camera bag with us in the car. My boy was ‘holding onto’ my good camera for me as we were driving, snapping a shot here and there, literally giddy about the speed of which he could take a picture. The light was beautiful, so I decided it was one of those moments in life when a detour is definitely called for. We pulled off to a nearby pond and I turned off the ignition. He said, “Well, what are we doing here?” I said, “You want to take some real pictures with my #1 camera, my $4000 rig? Well then go on. Put that strap around your neck and shoot away boy.” He was out of the car in a flash, hot on the trail of some ducks and geese who were just as curious about him and his camera as he was with them. He’s had alot of practice, since I’ve passed down cameras to him for about 5 years now. (yes, since the age of 4) Still, he’s 9, and this is what he captured of God’s beauty….if you’d like to book him for a session, you’ll have to talk to his momma. He has school in the mornings, but most weekends are free. 🙂

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