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Grace and Dawson

This is Gracie and Dawson. We’ve been around both of these rascals since the beginning of each of their lives, and it’s been a great blessing to watch them grow with so much love. It shows in the eyes. Gracie is already becoming her own little person. Today she came into the studio with her mommy and looked as if she was right at home, pig tails and all. I love it. She’s always been a little soft-spoken, but every time she comes in I see a little more of her coming out. The smiles get just a little brighter every time. Dawson seems very comfortable with his place in the family. He’s got the big sister doddling over him, and I think he knows he’s the babe, cause he’s eating it right up. Dad is giving him airplane rides up above his head, as long as he doesn’t throw out his back any worse than it already is, and mom is right there for all the free hugs he can handle. It’s a perfect fit right now. 2 boys, 2 girls. Just like in our house, the girls can play house and buy twirling dresses, the boys, well, the boys can wrestle. Watching this family is an easy reminder of how big of a blessing these little ones really are.

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