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Handprints :)

The porch at the new studio was a good back porch. Nice and scquare, beautiful, with a nice foundation. So on the day before Thanksgiving, with ants in their pants, my kids got to sign their names and leave their mark on a very small corner of the world. They pushed their hands into the cold gray mud and I signed their names, careful as anyone can with a dull knife and setting cement. Yep, it was a good pack porch.

Because those little prints came from the hands of two healthy, live-and-kickin’ rugrats that I love with all my life. Little hands, guided and pressed into the cement on our back porch in our new studio, on the ground that we bought with a promise. And the best part is the foundation. Their foundation, in Christ. Stronger and more everlasting than any old piece of concrete, in the knowledge that they are my God’s masterpiece. His workmanship. That’s what I’m most thankful for today.

…Okay…that and pumpkin pie. 🙂 There can be more than one thing to be thankful for, can’t there? 😉

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