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Happy Birthday Abs

I’m a couple of days late, but I just now got on top of things enough to post a few shots of my Abs turning 4. (Actually she should be turning 2 in my book. I made a deal with her that she’d turn back 1 year for some extra ice cream. I’m not holding her to it though because it made her sad to think she’d given up being FOUR for a silly treat… darnit. Almost worked. Anyway, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. 😉

We went to the Steakhouse, as is now family tradition. Abby got her usual, cherries with just a splash of pop. 🙂

She pretended to order from the menu because her mommy was taking her order, and besides you know, she’s FOUR, and grown up now…

She still thinks that sunflower seeds and bacon bits are the perfect Sunday appetizer…

Her big brother tried very hard to restrain himself on her birthday by NOT blowing out her birthday candles, while still managing to swipe a finger full of frosting…or two.

And I don’t know where she goes to watch Happy Days, but there’s a serious parallel to the Fonz here…heeyyyyyyyy.

Her mommy had the guts to invite 15 kids over for the party… that’s it… she’s tougher than me. 🙂

Happy Birthday Abigirl

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