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Heaven, By Abby and Jenna

My daughter and a good friend of ours named Jenna drew me a picture this morning. It was a true labor of love. They don’t know this, but as they were pointing out all of the special places, bees getting honey, Hello Kitty driving up the mountain to see God, the ladybug getting gum out of the gumball machine, back flipping dolphins, the winking face of Night blended with the happiness of the Day, and within them both pointing out the glow-in-the-dark Glory of God, with all of us standing next to the lake…. i almost began to weep.

It reminded me at just the right time that He loves me. It was as if He’d sent a love letter through these girls and their creative imaginations. Saying, Hey, no matter the mountaintop or the valley, from our highest high to the belly of the whale, Jesus cares.

Today, on this side of Heaven, it seems so very far away, almost untouchable….yet this is possibly the most beautiful piece of art I’ve ever seen. It’s their idea of Heaven, it’s where I hope to find myself with them someday, and I have to put it here for the world to see. To hope and to believe that Jesus has gone ahead of us to prepare such a beautiful paradise.

Click on the image to see it best. You can zoom in to a higher resolution. Enjoy.

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