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Heidi & Jarod

Here’s just a few shots from Heidi and Jarod’s engagements last week. What a great time of year to be outside. Everything is fresh and new and brimming with possibility. And those pesky bugs haven’t figured that out yet, so even better.

We had geese singing to us while we were down by the water, flying up and down the river. There was a shot that didn’t make the final proofs because of the blur, but one bird even flew between us as I was shooting. Life was buzzing all around us.

As it imitates art, life is also getting busy for these two. With long distance, cross-country trekking their careers are also full of possibility. But for this morning, Heidi just let go and wrapped up in Jarod’s arms. She naturally found her favorite place of rest, and he was content just to hold her. It’s a pleasure, seeing a love between two people that has just as much electricity as this Spring morning. It gives me the inclination that in the idea of tomorrow there lies hope for anyone to discover a new start. Love like this, gushing with potential, just waits to be explored. We have to reach for it and let it take hold of us. Then we need only to let go and rest there in that embrace.

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