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Home From Haiti

We are back from Haiti after a 3 week stay. We had the pleasure of finding and shooting over 1,300 kids all over the mountains and valleys near Ti Riviere. All of their pictures will go into books that Mission Haiti will then use to raise funds for sponsorship. Every time a kid gets sponsored for $75, it means 1 meal every day, shoes, backpacks, and school for the year. The kids got to play and have tea parties with Oberline. Rose Mislene stopped in to visit a few times, Emmanuel fell out of a palm tree and almost died getting a coconut for my daughter, every kid virtually disappeared the third week as the festival to worship Satan began early, and my good friend Patchouko and I spent days and days, climbing up and down the mountain together, talking about virtually every aspect of life. Gertrude, the mom for the orphanage kids, would like a pair of cherry red high heeled sandals that I am on a mission to find, and somehow, I don’t know how, I need to find a way to get a 4-wheeler or ATV to Haiti, as I’ve mapped and GPS’ed over 30 miles of trails in the past weeks. I think the opportunity for ministry is greater the further we climb into the mountains. There will be much more to write about in the coming weeks….

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