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Ok, so yeah, I’m terrible at keeping pictures updated on the website…So-so with blogging, but terrible with the website. I have this issue where I’m like a pack-rat with my images. I like shots from a thousand years ago (8-9 really, but it feels like a million yesterdays) and so I leave them on the site. That doesn’t really do people any good though, because my style develops and grows with every year. But you have to understand that for me, it’s reallly reallly hard to let go.

So I’ve decided I’m spending the morning and afternoon putting up fresh pictures from the last year or so. I’m deleting all the galleries before I even look at them, because I know I’ll talk myself out of going through with it.

I have to just think of it like housekeeping, right? Wait a minute…can someone explain the word ‘housekeeping’ to me one more time? Anyway, it will take most of the day. Why keep them all to myself, right? Enjoy….

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