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Well we went up the mountains of Wyoming for a family camping trip, and thanks to my dad and his wife Audrey we came back with a brand new addition to the family. Meet Indiana. She’s only a couple of months old but she’s full blood Norwegian Elkhound. It’s no wonder her favorite delicacy happens to be Elk. Her momma was a champion and her great gramps was the number one hunting dog of Norway. Set all the monarchy aside, and this little girl is just a fun-lovin’ people-pleasin’ pup, a perfect fit for our family. She’s full of wet puppy kisses and at 6 am every morning she’s more than ready to start our day. Whether we’re ready or not doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference. Sun-up is go time. Already she’s a workin’ dog, learning from our old pup how to meet and greet all the kids that come into the studio. We pay her in puppy treats and chewy dog bones, which are scattered all over the back yard.

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