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Introducing Angela!

God has truly overflowed our cup these past few years, and it’s been amazing to look back at those “Aha!” moments and realize what all He’s done for my family. It’s never during the trials that you realize how much He was really there for you, only in hindsight do we understand His plans. That said…We’re Growing! Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Angela Pike, a very bright and talented young photographer that just today we’ve added to the staff. Angela has a serious passion for capturing the world around her, and the ambition to take her dreams to task. Starting out, she’ll be learning the ropes, but it’s certainly not going to take her very long to get into the swing of things. By summer she’ll be handling things around the office, and in no time at all you can expect to find her coming on board with family and senior sessions as the first junior associate photographer under our studio banner. She’s got an excellent eye and a wonderful personality, and we’re very excited with her potential. Since last year we’ve been booking our daily sessions anywhere from 1-6 months in advance, and we’re really hoping that in the busy season, Angela will be able to step in and open up more availablity and greater customer service. She’ll be shooting with us at all of the weddings in 2006-7, and by 2008 she’ll be taking on her own clients. Please, if you call or stop in, give her a warm welcome. She’s already a blessing to our business and a pleasure to have around.

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