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Introducing the Guys

From Right to Left: Jeremy-Bass man Leo-Crazy good lead guitar David-Drummer boy Dan-Vocals and rhythm guitar

I read this excerpt recently from Rick Warren: ‘God never wastes a hurt. He can use the painful lessons you’ve learned to touch the lives of others. This is called ministry.’

I don’t know where God is taking us, but I can certainly tell you that His hand is on this ministry. We’ve come from every walk of life to this crossroads. I tried Nashville. I made that journey a long time ago, and I barely made it out of that experience with my marriage. I layed down the music and picked up photography. I thought as far as songwriting was concerned I’d moved on. But that’s not what God had planned. The music that we’re writing is blessed and flowing. The way these guys are picking up the rhythm is almost surreal. The words are truth and they are genuine, and the message is clear.

We’re in the beginning here, but every day is marked progress. Last night we put down our first tracks and today we’re mixing down. More to come…

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