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This is Jaxson, a very happy little man that knew at all times where the camera was. This shoot was a little different from the rest, because the one thing that this little guy thought was so cool was me and my camera. Everytime I started talking to him he would just light right up. Usually it’s more about winning their trust. Usually it’s Kari and her wonderful Mommy voice, or Mr. Snuggles, the Stuffed Tiger, who recently retired his position after being savagely ripped apart by one of our young toddlers. (We still need to have his funeral) 🙂 But not this time. THIS time, it was ME. :)! It was so cool. It was like I was magic! Ok, I’ll quit. I just had to revel for just a bit because this is never the case. My voice, being a Daddy’s lower voice, usually makes kids remember they are getting their picture taken, and then I get the camera stare….does anyone remember in Monsters, Inc., when Mike Wazowski gets strapped into the scream chair and it’s coming right at him? That’s the effect I get….’What is that thing he’s pointing at me?! What is that thing?’, so I tend to keep my mouth shut and hang back. Just kidding, it’s not that bad, usually. 🙂 I’m sorry that I have to reference children’s movie’s to make my point. You see, I’ve seen them all about 20,000 times, and so naturally, the only way I can define life is through Disney/Pixar rose-colored glasses.

Mom and Dad were excellent to work with. There’s a great bond between father and son also and plenty of love to go around, and it was very easy to spot that Mom and Dad are very close, which is always great to see. It means this little guy has a great start in life. 🙂

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