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Jeff & Kristi

Now and then we get to do the weddings that are more comfortable. Not a lot of attentdants and crowds, just close family and friends. The services are usually shorter, yet more heartfelt, and in the end, the bride and groom are afforded precious time to really enjoy their day. That’s the way it was for Jeff and Kristi. Jeff, in some part reminded me of my wife’s grandfather. Maybe because he was a Shriner too, but mostly becuase the guy couldn’t walk into a room and not be welcomed with warm smiles and hearty handshakes. I know enough about character to know that kind of respect doesn’t just grace itself on a person. It’s earned, through integrity and kindness, by going out of your way for someone other than yourself. Kristi is always projecting a warm, friendly smile from across the room. She’s level headed and down to earth, yet fun-loving, and by her softness when she’s around Jeff, it’s easy to spot that she is very much in love. More than anything they compliment eachother, and with that kind of recipe they’re just getting started…

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