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Jeff & The Girls

Our studio has a history with this family, but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen the girls. So the moment they stepped from the car and their beautiful, sparkling eyes looked up at us, there was a flood of memories. It was a genuine feeling of privilege to see these little ones again. Kari and I were instantly excited, and God must have been smiling down because we had a gorgeous, soft day to capture some of our favorite smiles. My guess is He had a little help 😉

There was also 1 new addition to the family, a bubbly, happy little baby girl by the name of Tiana. And was she ever happy, giggling and lifting her head up, doing everything she could to roll over on her tummy…right up until the moment the big, bad, extremely loud freight train went screaming by, blowing it’s horn at top notch… After that, the session was definitely over for her.

Jeff was a teddy-bear of a dad, and the girls smothered him in hugs and kisses. It was great to see him in the middle of the dog-piles. He’s there for them and he’s strong enough to help them weather any of the storms in life.

Autumn was the leader of the new trio. Ready to hold the baby. Ready to run the fastest. Ready to blow as hard as she could on the dandelions. Ready to try anything new. She has this amazing confidence about her.

Brooklyn was happy to follow her sister in playing hide-and-go-seek, although she would have preferred we didn’t get her knees all dirty. Sorry kiddo. Blame it all on the photographer. He was just after that one shot, you know…(her smile made it all worth while).

We even grabbed a few shots of one of the cousin’s while we were at it. At the end of the session, it was a blessing just to see the joy, to see that spark of life, glowing and brimming over in this family.

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