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Jenn & Darwin

Here’s some favorites from Jenn & Darwin’s engagement session. Darwin is the farmer I spoke of in the previous post, and so the date for the engagements was based on mother nature. When it’s time to plant and get that seed in the ground, it’s just plain time to plant and get that seed in the ground. So we all had a watchful eye, and then we waited for our chance.

Jenn is the city girl, and Darwin is the farmer, but even though they come from different worlds, they are a perfect match. Jenn snuggles right up in Darwin’s arms, and it’s easy to hear from her giggles that it’s a favorite pass time of hers. Darwin smiles down at her and life is good. I think he knows he’s got a pistol in his hands. I reserve a little insight here, you see, because I was a cowboy from Wyoming who married a little city girl from eastern South Dakota, (a land I once said I’d never be caught dead in), and while I could go on and on about the Home Sweet Home on the Range, she was Miss Days-of-our-Lives looking for the next big party, bound and determined to live life to it’s very fullest…. yep, and I fell head over heels in love for that firecracker, so I think I understand Darwin when he’s smiling down at Jenn in his arms, thinking she can wrestle him down to the ground. And yes, she did try that during their engagement. He was an Oak.

At the viewing we finally got to meet Jenn’s little guy, Andrew. It was growing immensely boring for an 8-year old to hear anything more about pictures, so we introduced him to my boy. “What’s you’re name?” “Andrew, What’s yours?” “Logan.” “Hmm. Hi Logan.” “Let’s go Play!!” And off they tore for the little dirt hill – slash – FORT that is absolutely perfect for any young explorer of rocks and bugs and worms. 🙂 I think they might have formed a great friendship, because when the time came for Jenn and Darwin to leave, these two rascals had to stop and exchange one another’s “info” so they could arrange the next adventure. Next thing you know they’re going to be asking us for cell phones with built-in GPS, and then that’ll be it. We’ll only see them when the sun sets and their tummies start growling…

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