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Juarez Mexico

My wife and son spent some time in Juarez over Easter on a missions trip with Lifelight.

I’ve asked her if she’d like to blog about it, but I think it’s still too soon and she’s a little timid about writing, but she will be speaking at our church on Sunday, for those of you who’d like to hear more, or you can click her to view her slideshow.

From my perspective, I can only say we were happy to see them walk back through the door of our home and into our arms. I only began to research where they were going after they left. What I found was very discouraging, as newspaper article after article depicted the bloodshed of the hundreds of murders that have spiraled out of control there, just since the beginning of this year. A police chief had been shot, and another had driven into the US asking for political asylum. Officers had been shot on their way to and from work, some at home with their families. Then, dozens of bodies had been found in a home in one part of the city, while people were being executed in their motel rooms a short distance away, in broad daylight, on Good Friday.

Juarez today is in a great deal of turmoil, and the day my wife and son crossed back into the U.S., the Mexican government began mobilizing 2500 troops to take military control of the city. One comment that stayed with me, “El Paso is the drug trafficking capital of the world, and Juarez is their burial grounds.”

I’m left wondering why this isn’t hardly making headlines at all in America, when it is so very close to home. Instead, our world news is focused on South America or the Middle East, literally everywhere but Mexico.

It was an answered prayer to hold my wife and son again and have our family back together, but we can’t help but think of the missionary families that are still there. Day in, Day out.

For us, the storm is past, but for them, it’s only beginning.

You can here a recording of Kari’s and Logan’s experience by clicking here, then follow the link for Kari and Logan.

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