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Just a Thank You

It’s strange to me, the distractions of Man. We put a Blessings jar in the center of our dining room table several months ago, with this great idea of writing down the blessings from day-to-day and putting them in the jar, so we’d have a constant, visual reminder of God’s grace and mercy. Then the other day I found that jar in a cupboard, over in the corner…isn’t that just like us? We always put God in the corner until something comes up that sends us searching the house for Him, dusting Him off. So small is our grasp on reality, and so Big is our God.

It’s just that plain and simple. Believe it or not. I was hundreds of miles away, and nothing I could do, but my other Dad was right there by his side.

If God is everywhere doing all things, then maybe He reads my blog, and I just want to say Thanks, publicly. 🙂 From the deepest corners of my soul, I owe you, big time. 🙂 You’re a cool Dad, and I’m sorry I ever put you in the corner.

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