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Kelly and Kenny

She has a passion and a tremendous flare about her that is contagious to say the least, and I’m almost positive her amazing red hair is just a byproduct of a beautiful mind. I’m betting Kenny thinks so too, after all, this calm, reserved farmer is now forever her husband and the two are one. That alone proves he’s smarter than your average bear.

There was a wintry chill in the air on the day of their wedding, but it didn’t matter. Kenny sat quietly in the back pew while his bride giggled and brimmed over in the changing room. It was just beginning to set in on them.

We had the sun, arching across the sky at the exact angle to cast through the very narrow stained glass windows of the church, directly onto the altar in the middle of the rotunda. And on the altar sat our bride, soaking in the warmth of the light, beaming back at her groom.

Kelly used to be a photographer, so it was an honor for us that she chose us to be a part of her day. Still, besides the fact she’s also a very talented artist and painter, did I mention she’s a singer? One of my favorite moments was when she surprised Kenny during the ceremony and sang to him from her heart. What a voice! Wow! One of the only times I’ve sat in awe at a wedding, that is, with the camera not glued to my eye.

I recently sent her an email, thinking maybe there’s another reason we’ve met. In the email is the latest song I’ve written. Yes, I used to write music before the photography took over my world. But now I’ve got the itch to write again, ever since the day we met. I think she reminded me of how good it feels to put emotion on paper, to pass on a feeling through the written word.

One of the most memorable compliments we’ve ever received from a bride, of course, came from Kelly just last night….

‘We’ve had lots of positive responses to the photographs and to both of you as people. I’ve never heard so many people compliment the behavior and demeanor of photographers at a wedding. I am so happy that my guests respect both your work and you as people and that they could see the reason I wanted you both to photograph the wedding….’

Tack on gracious and encouraging to her list of gifts… Heck, may as well quit keeping a list. I think it would just go on and on. 🙂

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