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These are some of my favorite shots from Kendra’s shoot. This girl is ready to take the world by the tail. Her attitude is positive, and her future is definitely bright. She’s got a grasp on life and a close relationship with Christ, and it shows. It’s noticeable in her smile, in conversation, even in her eyes. She may be this radiantly beautiful woman today, in these senior pictures, but to me she will always be the cutest six-year-old little girl to walk down the aisle of a church. Kendra, you see, was the flower girl in our wedding 12 years ago… I don’t remember very many details about that day, partly because it was 12 years ago and partly because I was 19 and too young to soak life in, but one thing I do remember was Kendra, crying, becuase she’d somehow got it in her head that we were going to get married that day and move away forever and ever, and she’d never see us again 🙂

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