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Living Through My Love

(Our condolences to the Spindler Family…)

Living Through My Love

I remember the day I didn’t think I’d have the strength to go on. I drove to your grave and curled on the ground then I stayed there until the dawn.

The groundskeeper came and asked my name as he helped me to my feet. He brushed from me the fresh laid soil and straightened my tie neat.

I thought about your smile then. That’s when the tears began to flow. And there I stood upon the earth, a lost and desperate soul.

As the old man brushed my hat and set it back upon my head, he looked into my heart somehow and this is what he said,

“Your world has fallen down. I know what you’re going through. It wasn’t long ago I lost a Love, like you.

You feel you might as well be lying there by their side. Your life seems just a living Hell, your reason for living has died.

But in your journey, keep in mind, your Father has a master plan, and though the reason’s hard to find, you must try hard to understand.

Turn from your faith now and you will have lost the chance to hold him in your arms again, to smile and Love and dance.

Hold on to what you have and keep his Love there in your heart, because Up There we look the same… only Love tells us apart.”

Then the sun broke through the clouds and gave my eyes a blinding glare. I turned to shake his hand, but He was no longer there.

Daniel C. Elliott Copyright 2000

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