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Lizzi & Anna

We had fun getting to know these 2 kids when they came in the door last month. Jennifer brought them in to get shots for an upcoming pageant that they are both competing in. Lizzi almost immediately was very interested in my camera, telling me all about her camera that she uses at home. It was funny to see her personality bursting out, a little girl in a pretty dress, but an up-and-coming photographer at heart, just itching to see the world through her own lens. She lit up like Christmas when I asked her if she’d like to take some pictures with my camera. Confirming to me what I already knew, that most of us shutterbugs would rather be behind the scenes, on the other side of things. That’s the case for me anyway. I can’t stand to have my picture taken. 🙂 Anna on the other hand, is a complete natural. She knew where the camera was and instinctively flowed and moved to the angle, the position, and the light. She just had a sixth sense for it, making our job very easy for Kari and I. We just heard back from Jennifer this morning that Anna has won the Queen in her division and is moving on to the nationals in St. Louis. Congratulations!


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