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Look Ma, No Wheels

My peanut walked right up to me this afternoon and, as matter-of-fact as she could be said, “Dad, I need you to take off my training wheels please”. “Are you sure honey?” “Yep. I can’t go where my brother goes with them on, soooooo take-’em-off.” (I only raised them up last summer and after a few crashes and then watching her ride down the street at a 45 degree angle, everybody was mad at me and I ended up putting them back on.) Well, it’s a new year right? I told her right before she got on that if she can do it we’ll think about getting her a new bike. So, off went the wheels, and on went her pads and helmet. She then walked right out and hopped on the bike……and zooooom! The squirt took off on that bike like she’s been doing it forever. She was even turning and stopping, kicking her little legs and staring me down with pure confidence. Even impressed big bro!

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