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Ma Bo-ah (My Boy)

Yeah, I gotta say it like that, Ma Bo-ah, with a little ownership and a tinge of fatherly pride. I just love this kid, and this smile, just looking up at me and giving me this unabashed grin when he sees I’ve got the camera on him, it’s my favorite smile. This kid has a heart of gold. Helps me weed the garden and mow the lawn, swept up the whole parking lot with me on the 4th of July without me having to ask, does his chores and does them with a sense of work ethic, and he watches out for kids littler than him.

Yesterday I asked him if he’d mind sharing his room with his sister for awhile while a friend stays with us. He didn’t even hesitate, just agreed without a single complaint, and this morning I found him in his room, cleaning out half of his closet, AND half of his drawers, so he could make room for his little sis. Yep, and he’s giving her the bottom bunk. That’s right…. that’s Ma Bo-ah! I’m grateful to the Lord for the time we’ve had to grow together as a father and son. Another couple of months and he’ll be 11. Then I’ll blink and he’ll be moving out. I can tell you right now, on this side of the teenage years, that’s gonna leave a big hole. Hope he won’t mind his old man showing up out of the blue from time to time….

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