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Mel & Rob

We’ve been excited for the wedding day and for the chance to capture the chemistry between Mel & Rob ever since the engagement session. I remember seeing them together last fall, discovering a very natural electricity that transferred easily into the images, and right away I was looking forward to the winter wedding and the possibilities.

At the rehearsal, I could tell dad had most of the anxiety. One look in his eyes and it was easy to read that he just wanted the best day possible for his daughter, for her wedding day to be everything she’d ever dreamed it could be.

Mel got what she wished for. A frosty, wintry cold day with a splash of snow, time for the two of them to enjoy the moment, and a horse-drawn carriage ride with warm blankets to boot. Rob was with her every step of the way, ready and willing for whatever might come. We stopped at the Falls and took pictures in front of the frozen cascades, which were a stunning contrast in comparison to our bride and groom. Mel & Rob, though chilly from the crisp winter air, were hot when they were snuggled into each others arms. Sizzling. 🙂 Of the one thousand plus proofs they received yesterday, here are just 40. Enjoy the story of their day through these images…

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