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Melissa & Nick

There were so many things that I loved about Melissa and Nick’s wedding, where to start is the hard part. The getting ready took place at the Holiday Inn, surrounded by close family and this amazing hairstylist named Angelique, who owns Platinum Imagination. Angelique was there for the intimate images with Melissa and Nick, there for the formals and even throughout the ceremony, making sure Melissa was comfortable and looking her absolute best. She did everything in her power to make Melissa feel like a queen for the day, and it was an incredible testament to this young lady’s work ethic. She told me that she has a quote that she tries to live by every day. I think it’s worth passing on to all of you… “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with your talent is your gift back to God.”

There was plenty of time for Melissa and Nick to meet and share a few moments of peace, just the two of them. We played for a bit downtown, grabbing the trolley on the way by…

It was an intimate wedding. All natural and available light. Less than a hundred people. Quiet, peaceful, full of grace.

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