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Miss Macy

I told her Mom she's easily one of the most striking, beautiful seniors we've had the pleasure of photographing over the years. We both agreed the sweetest thing about Macy was her attitude. She was kind and cheerful, agreeable but her own person at the same time, and respectful.

Add those ingredients to a perfect summer evening and you've got the recipe for a great session.

There was a Boy Scout camping bonanza going on just down from us, and a couple of young boys canoeing. They looked up at the cliff where Macy was getting her picture taken, and for about a minute or two they didn't budge. I think they thought they were looking at an angel or something. I don't blame them. The way the sun was hitting her hair, and with the bronze haze from the fires out west, the girl was truly aglow and it did look like some kind of magical crown.

Her sister even came along for a couple of shots, and it was plain to see the bond between them was genuine love.

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