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Missy Jean

Our trusty assistant Melissa has left us to become a teacher, following her heart. We hope the best for her, and I’ve been buried ever since. Zipping to Wyoming for a wedding then to Minnesota for a wedding, all within the space of 7 days, probably didn’t help things. Life has been a jazillion miles per hour all of a sudden. Truth is she left 3 weeks ago, and I’m just now able to mark the passage here. That’s how far behind we are. So when I pull up my pathetic excuse for a blog and realize it’s been so poorly neglected, is it worth it to even keep attempting to resuscitate? Maybe someday I’ll look back and be glad I did. Maybe it’ll all get zapped and be gone by then… either way I don’t know. I’m still on this side of tomorrow.

Anyway, this was my last shot of her working. This was her favorite way. She’d come waltzing in, usually singing like a princess, literally. Always smiling, playing 21 questions to catch up socially, plugging in her headphones to pull up a Youtube show, then eventually, settling in to her computer to work on images. She was a tremendous blessing to us in the time we were allowed to have her. We’ll always greatly MISS Missy Jean.

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