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Mrs. South Dakota

We’re happy to extend our congratulations to one of our clients, April Kelling, for taking home the Mrs. South Dakota title yesterday. We just heard from her and there’s loads of excitement in her voice.

We had the privilege of sponsoring April through advertising, and we’re very happy for her and her family. She’ll be traveling to the nationals in August, and with this young woman’s heart and character, she’ll be on her way in more ways than one. You can’t talk with her and not come away smiling. She’s mesmerizing.

April’s #1 care isn’t the run-of-the-mill. It’s not world peace and goodwill, all-encompassing and politically correct. Instead, it strikes to the heart, to a reality that America has swept under the rug for decades. April hopes to use her title to help develop a better awareness about the truth of abortion and the effects it can and does have on mothers. These days the big business of abortions always seems to come back to the woman’s choice and telling us ‘what South Dakota really wants’, but thankfully there are people out there who are still willing to stand up for those who simply can’t stand for themselves, the children. April has a voice because the rights of the child do matter, regardless of the popular culture. That’s because April herself was adopted, right on the border of the same issue she stands for today. She has a great deal of respect for her birth mother, who contrary to the opinions that carried her day, chose instead to carry her child to term. Today, April has a great career, a wonderful husband and some really beautiful kids, all because of her mom’s choice.

Her charity is the Alpha Center, a nonprofit agency that specializes in supporting expecting moms and dads through counseling, pregnancy tests, and even ultrasounds. When it comes to pregnancy and the how-to’s of caring for that little one inside, you name it, this place has it.

We hope you take it all the way April. If anyone can win their hearts, it’s you.

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