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Mrs. South Dakota: April Kelling

We got to snap off another session with Mrs. South Dakota for the national magazine layout. She looks amazing and beautiful, and her husband is so crazy in love with her that he wants her to buy every single proof. But all that aside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts with this girl. She’s an absolute sweetheart, and she cares passionately about kids. She wants to do everything she can to give expecting moms all the information they need to make informed decisions on the child they carry inside. While searching for sponsors, one of her interviewers was uneasy that she was so focused on her main charity, the Alpha Center. It was a little too much risk for them to associate their business or stand up for something as controversial as, oh, you know, the life of a child. She’s standing up for what she believes in, for an issue that almost determined her existence on this planet, for something that still kills over 115,000 kids every single day. What exactly are we looking for in a public figure? Do we want yes-men? Do we want flowers who can sway whichever way the wind blows, leaders who can’t stand for something so they stand instead for nothing? Give me someone with heart, with passion, with conviction, with compassion, with fortitude, with character, any day of the week and twice on Sundays as opposed to a limp noodle who can’t give a straight answer. Tell me where you stand and I’ll respect you. Muddy the water with your indecisive politically correct and you’re just another daisy in the wind to me. See, you can gloss up a Mrs. and make her look beautiful, she can say all the right words and catch the sparkle of the spotlight just perfect in her eyes, but folks, it truly only runs skin deep. April is the real deal, because in my eyes, as gorgeous as she is on the outside, it only pales in comparison to her beautiful heart.

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