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My Better Half

A quick shout out to this girl. My wife and my partner. She always does the final “whittling” of my images, narrowing down my shots to the best of the best before I work on them. When she does this, I can’t be in the room because it’s like watching someone hack away with a hatchet at my art. It drives me crazy as I argue and defend every shot and of course what I was thinking when I shot it. Therefore, we learned a long time ago that I must leave and find something else to do. The upshot to this is that she saves me loads of time in post production. The downside? Well, because she’s along on every session and she happens to look so beautiful, I can’t resist taking her picture – at almost every session. BUT, since she does the whittling, she deletes them. She’s says it’s out of fear that I might accidentally upload them to our clients. In her defense, that actually happened a couple of times. Sometimes I do miss the minor details. Heck, yesterday I accidentally messaged a client who is a doctor, no doubt in the midst of some very doctoral role like saving lives or curing cancer, and thinking it was my wife asked her casually if she needed me to pick her up anything from town. Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to start rescuing and saving these helpless images from the Hatchet BEFORE she gets to erase them from history. And now to my shout out: The stunning image below, does not happen without the girl to the left, and I thank you, Kari Ann, for putting up with the likes of me. You hold the lights, you make kids smile, you model a pose like a Broadway dancer, you shoot from a perspective that I literally can’t see, you give direction and you talk to people so warmly and make them forget about me when I go all Rain Man and think of nothing but the light, the comp, the color, aperture, stops and ISO’s.

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