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My Girl

There is a look that she gives me, just before a wedding, just before a shoot. It’s when she knows my anxiety has hit some kind of glass ceiling and I’m about to explode, usually only a few moments before a session or an event. She knows exactly where I’m at, and she always brings me back. She says, “You prayed about this, right? You turned this over? Then let it go. It’s taken care of.” Then she gives me this look.

Today, I just happened to have my wits about me enough to snap the shutter. I had to be quick and pre-focus the shot, without her knowing, otherwise she’d duck and run or give me one of her silly-faces, which to a photographer, is very frustrating.

But today, I captured something.

While this shot may seem to you like just a simple smile from a pretty girl, to me, all of the dictionaries in the world, stacked from end to end, couldn’t describe what is says to me. Words can define it, but my heart and soul can literally feel it.

She’s right there with me. No matter what, she’s got my back, and whatever we go through we’ll go through together. Her love commands my respect, her words are truth, and I know, with this look, that somebody believes in me…

I cherish this look.

I cherish this girl.

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